Side project of mine that is mostly just for fun and to zen out with Ruby. I have built this program in multiple languages so I figured I should try it with Ruby too. This is the first time I have tried to build a GUI with GTK3.

Updated 2 months ago

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A school assignment repo.

Updated 5 months ago

Miscellaneous NeosVR Mods, mostly to make the linux desktop life less miserable.

Updated 3 days ago

A lightweight application that lists NeosVR peeps and sessions. Useful if you want to quickly look statuses up without opening Neos itself.

Updated 2 weeks ago

NeosVR API related functionality. Currently very early, only featuring some of the models.

Updated 1 week ago

A collection of various VRChat mods to make desktop life less miserable.

Updated 6 months ago

Unity universal BepInEx plugins

Updated 6 months ago

A discord music bot written in rustlang

Updated 1 year ago

Lahjatoivelista sivusto

Updated 6 months ago