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A lightweight application that lists NeosVR peeps and sessions. Useful if you want to quickly look statuses up without opening Neos itself. https://neos.ljoonal.xyz/peeps
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Neos Peeps

NeosPeeps is tool that allows for listing your NeosVR friends quickly, without having to actually open the whole game. It also has a bunch of other features that you can find below, but that's how the project got it's name.

Prebuilt downloads can be found from the project's itc.io page or LJ's git's releases tab.

Please note that this app is quite experimental and unofficial. Bug reports are welcome!


All the following functionality, in under 5MB on windows:

  • Listing your friends, along the sessions that they're focused on.

Screenshot of friends list

  • Listing the details of all public sessions, or only the ones that your friends are in

Screenshot of sessions list

  • Logging in, even with email or with 2fa enabled

Screenshot of login page

  • Searching the lists

Screenshot of user search

  • Showing details of a particular peep

Screenshot of user window

  • Refreshing the data in the background every so often
  • Resizable grid

Screenshot of settings

  • CJK font support for all of you JP peeps (requires Noto Sans CJK JP font to be installed on the system)

Screenshot of JP sessions list

Installation & updating

Hop over to the releases page, and grab the latest .exe file if you're on windows. There's no installer, so you might want to store it on your desktop for example.

Then just run the file.

Smart Screen

Edge and Chrome apparently treat all unsigned executables as viruses. Getting a trusted signing certificate would cost a lot of money, which I'm not doing for a hobby project.

There's a decent chance that you can click on "Show more" type of buttons to manage to still download the self-signed executable. You could also use Firefox with download scanning disabled. Or you could completely disable smart screen (I wouldn't recommend it though).

If you're paranoid about the security or just really techy, I welcome you to build the app from source yourself.


Note that the license is AGPL. This is mainly meant to prevent anyone from commercializing this application.

In a short and non-legally binding way: AGPL means that if you make changes and distribute the software, you will also have to provide the source code if asked for it. In addition you'll need to provide the source code for any remote clients of the application if they ask for it. You could technically sell it, but you'd still need to give out the source code if asked for it as well as build instructions, at which point, why would anyone pay you for it if they can just build it for free?

This isn't legal advice of course, just my interpretation of the license.


If you encounter bugs or have any other feedback, you can find me ljoonal#2847 in the NeosVR discord as well as the Neos Modding discord server.


Basic requirements:

Ubuntu (22.04 LTS) specificities

For Ubuntu (22.04 LTS) you will need the following requirements:

  • libfontconfig1-dev
  • pkg-config
  • libxcb-composite0-dev


Start off by cloning the project with git.

git clone https://git.ljoonal.xyz/ljoonal/NeosPeeps.git

Then open the project folder in your terminal, and just execute cargo run for a dev build.

See build-release.sh for building the releases on a standard linux distro. If you have your own gitea server, gitea-publish.sh is a handy script for automating creating the release.


In case you didn't know, git originally was used via email, and it still works just fine! Check out git-send-email.io for a short tutoria.! You can send patches to neos.git at ljoonal.xyz.

Although it might be easier for you to just message me. I'm sure we can figure something out :)