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What is this?

FiBr - File Browser. It allows you to customize your file names and the date's of the files. Or even folders for that matter. It uses mySQL databases to store all of the file information, so it doesn't need to rely on the actual date modified attributes of the files, or the actual names.


These are what it's tested on, might work on other setups as well:

  • Apache2.4
  • MySql 5.5 (Tested on MariaDB 5.5.60)
  • Knowledge on how to point index file to index.php
  • Knowledge to change some variables in index.php file

How do I use it?

Right now you don't. This doesn't work yet.

How would I use it when it's ready?

You'd download this project folder, move index.php to some location, point your htacces to use that file as the index file, change some variables in the index.php to tell it where sorttable.js and the css files are along with the file icons. Then you'd set up the enviroment variables in apache vhosts config

<VirtualHost *:80>
  ServerName yourserverhere.com
  DocumentRoot /your/document/root
  SetEnv MYSQLNAME yourmysqluser
  SetEnv MYSQLPASS yourmysqluserpasswordhere

and then you'd just open the folder you want to access and it'd just work.


  • This is still in very early developement. Please make your code easy to read. If I cannot understand it in 5 seconds or less, and there's no comment about it, it's not going to pass.
  • Make sure that it works with php7.2 and Apache2.4.
  • Indent with 2 spaces
  • Declare configuration variabes at the top
  • Do not use short tags <? ... ?> (<?= ... ?> is fine along with the normal <?php ... ?>)

General usage idea: you can move all of the files to wherever you want, index.php will contain variables for all the needed file's paths that you'll change. Then it'll read the url, and get the current location from there, not from where index.php is located. That way, you can use .htaccess to point from other folders to that file, or include it in the index file.