ChilloutVR BepInEx plugins
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Join my discord if you're interested in CVR modding:

This repository contains some of my plugins for ChilloutVR using BepInEx.

Basically to install though, just follow the BepInEx guide for Unity games for windows. After that just drag'n'drop the DLL's into the BepInEx/plugins folder.

I'd recommend you also get sinai-dev's BepInExConfigManager so that you can edit your configs in game. You'll want the Mono version for CVR.


No warranty is provided for these plugins, and they're provided as-is. Please have a look at the source code & build from source for maximal safety.

As far as I'm aware, the CVR devs allow modding to some extent now. But if they ever do change their minds, it's up to you to make sure that you're following their TOS.

Why BepInEx and not MelonLoader

If you're asking: "MelonLoader is the tool used with VRC modding, so why not use it for CVR too?"

While it's a great tool, it requires .NET framework. Which is not available for linux. I can actually build my plugins on Linux with BepInEx unlike MelonLoader. This is also why the build system is with VSC tasks instead of Visual Studio in this repository.

MelonLoader also does not have a few features that BepInEx does, and BepInEx just seems way more mature for modding Unity (non-IL2CPP) games.

Plugin list

Color Customizer

Roadmap entry for customizing UI.

A plugin to allow customizing the colors.

Currently implemented:

  • Nameplates
  • Mic indicator
  • Menus Background
  • Menus lines
  • Menus text
  • Menus Icons
  • User status indicator

Menu related patches probably won't be added before CVR rolls out their new menu system. And maybe that'll make this plugin not need to implement them if it's natively supported.

Third person camera

Link to roadmap entry for third person camera.

Allows you to toggle to a third person mode with a keybind, and zoom in and out with your mouse scrollwheel.

This is quite heavily WIP still, expect jank!


Link to thew roadmap entry for rebindable keys.

A plugin to allow for some desktop mode keyboard rebinds, since the game does not include it as a feature.

Please note that the defaults are what I prefer, and for example have F1-8 rather than standard 1-8 for Gestures&States&Emotes. You can change the keys back easily by changing F1 to Alpha1 and so on in the config file.


  • Mic standard & extra push to talk key
  • Prone
  • Crouch
  • Gesture controls
  • State controls
  • Emote controls
  • Flying controls
  • Toggling hud & nameplates
  • Other controls

Speed Multiplier

Link to Feature request.

A plugin that allows changing your flying speed.

Player Rotater

A plugin that allows rotating your own avatar whilst in flying mode.


Drag the required DLL's (listed in the shared.props file and the .csproj files) into the Libs folder, open in VSCodium/VSCode press F1 and run the build tasks. Please note that it working does depend on you having the dotnet command available in your environment. Or if you're not using VSC, you can just copy the commands and execute them manually on the command line.

Alternatively you can try to open the folder in Visual Studio, but I cannot provide help for using that. If you do want to improve the situation, do feel free to contribute!


Contact me on Discord or send me git patches that you want merged.